About Us

PatternBased explores music, notions, imagery, movement and other forms. Label, production house, occasional organizer of unique events, PatternBased is a champion for creatives worldwide.

PatternBased was founded in Kent/Akron, Ohio, United States by Joseph Minadeo and is currently headquartered in California’s Mojave Desert and administered with partner Siori Kitajima who collaborate as Bunny San Tachi and run an arts residency and cultural exchange each spring.

Many gifted artists have contributed significantly to PatternBased over the years.


Recent Events:

The Shortest Night Of The Year
June 20th, 2016, Sunset to Sleep in the Mojave High Desert
34.155612, -116.092177

featured works by Siori Kitajima, Joseph Minadeo, Puffy Shapes, Solver, Kazuhiro Kanazawa, Chiho Okada, Beeple, Ravi Prasad, Kevin Carr & Bunny San Tachi

Presented by Bunny San Tachi & PatternBased

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Poster by Siori Kitajima

Our most recent event:

The Shortest Night Of The Year
June 21st, 2015, Sunset to Sleep in the Mojave High Desert
34.155612, -116.092177

Inaugural event featured new and existing works by Siori Kitajima and Joseph Minadeo aka Bunny San Tachi, a Hill Sleepers jam/recording session and some backyard long exposure light experiments with Chris Holmok, Sarah Bansak and Spencer Allen. Poster by the incomparable Charlie Wagers.


Some of the artists that have made significant creative contributions to PatternBased over the years.