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Kinetic Art with Low in the Sky

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Randomly came across this video about the beautiful wind powered kinetic art of Anthony Howe using Low in the Sky’s music. Decent Video. However, Great Big Story (CNN) flat out stole the LITS track. No one contacted us or paid for the licensing of our track. Plus, the track/musicians are not credited in the video. It appears that CNN and Great Big Story never credit the music in any of their videos. This seems common these days. Not fair, not correct. I guess you don’t get to be a giant sensationalist media entity by treating artists fairly and with all the shit going on the world these days, it is not even worth it to try and fight it. I emailed CNN multiple times and of course, never heard back.. fuck it. Fuck CNN. Fuck Great Big Story. Cool kinetic art tho.

Tibet House

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Enjoyed this piece about the work of Cira Crowell and Christopher Michel currently on display at the Tibet House in New York City. Somehow we have ended up scoring or licensing our music to pieces that feature the Dalai Lama who is the coolest cutest person ever. Just seeing his smiling face and hearing him talk always makes me feel better no matter how good I already feel. Thank you to Kyle Ruddick and the Tibet House.

Nomadic Mode is Complete

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After over seven months of traveling the continent and working with a wide array of fantastic artists and musicians, I have settled for an extended stay in San Francisco. It feels good to have a home again. I am excited to finish and release the material I collaborated on the during my travels. Thank you to all the amazing hosts and creatives I was able to connect with over the trip. I am utterly grateful. I will be publishing vignettes on the people, places and things I encountered on the road at my personal site. – jm

Nomadic Mode is Go

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Creative collaboration has always been a huge part of my (and therefore Patternbased’s) heart and soul. To that end, I am gearing up for a trip around the states working with artists who I greatly admire with the intention of creation. This would most often involve music but a collaboration could be anything from a conversation to a recording session to a musical/AV jam to a mixed media endeavor. Current plans include hitting the road from Los Angeles in mid July and making stops in Encinitas, San Diego, Juarez, Austin, Nashville, Asheville, Lancaster, Philadelphia, Washington DC, NYC, Pittsburgh, Akron, Cleveland, Columbus, Chicago, Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Ogden and Logan before making my home in San Francisco in early 2014. If you live in or near these locations and are interested in getting together, drop me a line. I will be bringing a mobile recording rig, a variety of instruments, some video and visual goodies and endless creativity. I am especially down for pursuits involving music, film/video, dance/movement, 3D, creative coding, sensors/robotics, drawing/painting and mixing media. Lets make something together. Feel free to check in on the trip at my personal site. – jm