Daewon Summer

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The Well Tempered Machine

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This Is What I Hear

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Netflix – Cheer

The Well Tempered Machine


This Is What I Hear

Come Home Safely

Singapore Reimagined

Netflix – Last Chance U S3


Living with Cancer

Netflix – Last Chance U Season 2

One Day in the American City


Insect Sounds

Echo Lake Soundtrack

Salt Flats

Blood Brother

Transworld Snowboarding

I’ll Be Fine Soundtrack


Come Down Now

One Day on Earth Score

Low in the Sky – William

Low in the Sky – A Shared Rainbow

Sounds for a Photograph

Fair At Dusk

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Music is a descriptor of the soul of PatternBased. Other forms always relate back to the tones and beats and harmonies we uncover. Traditional musical styles are rarely a consideration. The music is most often functional, for creating a specific mood/notion or for inspiring movement and stillness.
Visual art is a window to the heart of PatternBased. We live with nature and technology, and are inspired by the things around us, things far away, patterns we discover, intriguing numbers, perspectives, imaginations and collaborations. We attempt to make slices of the beauties of the world visible.