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November 2008

Giving Thanks

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For all the creative people and talented artists I have ever had the privilege to know and work with, the people that unknowingly helped determine the path I took to get to where I am and contribute to the projects I held/hold dear:

Kris Grubbs, Brian Brady, Ben Furguson, Dan Lamorena, Doug Bjornholm, Mike Burgess, Dom Bangera, Neil Sherhag, Jack Randall, Krista Tortora, Brett Lashua, Ed Van Der Kuil, Christopher Holmok, Dave Sterle, Alison Scola, Dave Braun, Derek Lashua, Mandy Lashua, Ron Tucker, David Graves, Kevin Carr, Teresa Kiplinger, Nessim Higson, Dan Segan, Chris Schuerger, Aaron Leslie, Pat McNulty, Correy Farrow, Matt Horak, Christopher Gator, Chaka Clemmons, Curt Brown, Billy Dixon, Adam Berk, Flanvis Johnson, Iyan Anomolie, Matt Yarrington, Andy Whitaker, Beth Ciborek, Jeremy Bible, Gabriela Kropf, Kendra Minadeo.

Set in Sand

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Sometimes a piece of art is so inspiring, you want to get inside of it. If its audio, one way to attempt to crawl in is to remix it. If your lucky enough to know the artists, you can hound them for the raw files. My friends Set in Sand had a track that inspired the hell out of me. I am still spending time inside deciding what to do with it but I also love the point it is at. I received 108 raw tracks from them and when I lined them up, it was already pretty beautiful as is. Just some absolute minimal tweaking followed by my good friend Krista and I singing harmonies over the original lyrics and several tracks of Piano. I like the state that it is in now because the original track is made of heavily edited, sliced and meticulously placed audio and our parts were laid down as long raw parts with no editing and the juxtaposition is nice. I plan on doing acoustic drums but they will certainly get editing as I feel am not a good enough drummer to play something fitting for this track by simply beating on drums. I need Mr. Computer’s help sometimes. Below is the track.

[audio:misc audio/set in sand – flowers – patternbased remix.mp3]

Gameboy Music

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The undisputed co-kings of Gameboy music software are Nanoloop and LSDJ. Nanoloop is indeed awesome and I have never messed with LSDJ. They can be pricey and harder to come by then the Gameboy Camera which has a built in music sequencer that is really cool and useful. Plus you can take really fuzzy pictures and print them on a Gameboy printer. Below is a track I did last year starting off with a Gameboy loop and adding acoustic instruments and analog synths.

[audio:misc audio/patternbased – gameboy1.mp3]


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That title has got a whole lotta acronyms. I like acronyms.

After a long wait, the replacement for the Prophet 64 cartridge, the MSSIAH is available. The MSSIAH is surely the easiest way to gain MIDI access to a Commodore 64’s SID chip and integrate it with the rest of your gear. I ordered mine. Now I just have to be patient while it makes it’s way over from Europe. I am looking forward to using it.

Gauthier Snow Storm

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I saw an exciting exhibit at the Akron Art Museum by Jean-Pierre Gauthier. It was composed of motion sensitive pieces created from circuitry and mostly every day objects that generate slightly but endlessly varying sounds and movements. All the works were great but my favorite was the piano that triggered as you moved around it. I liked his chosen notes and the way it was programmed so that it was always different. It didn’t seem like you could trigger the same notes with the same movements. I could imagine accomplishing this in a lot of ways, perhaps he had programmed a long series of notes that are held in a buffer and triggered in sequence so that movement dictates only when something is struck but the note order is predetermined. At any rate, it was great. I snuck some audio with my phone and was inspired to use it as raw material in an ode to Gauthier’s exhibit and the night in general.

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Toy vs ?

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I have occasionally come across people referring to musical and sound generating devices as toys, sometimes in a negative way. I never understood the distinction. Either it generates some kind of sound or it doesn’t. If it does, than it is infinitely useful as a sonic building block.

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