PatternBased is Music and Art. Sound and Vision. We love challenges and unknowns, as well as our go-to core mediums.



Visual Art

Multimedia Design

Creative Direction

PatternBased is the best of the world. And the bunnies.

– The goat that lives next door


Some of the artists that have made significant creative contributions to PatternBased over the years.
Joseph Minadeo
Siori Kitajima
Corey Farrow
Billy Dixon
Curt Brown
Adam Berk
Tim Conley
J Scott Franklin
Spencer Allen
Sarah Bansak
Brett Lashua
Flora Nevarez
Michael Tolan
Krista Tortora
Ron Tucker
Jacob Trombetta
Ben Vehorn
Josh Spoon
Ralph Carney
Gabriela Kropf
Charlie Wagers
Taka Tozawa
Pat McNulty
Melanie Bass


Low in the Sky

Puffy Shapes

Insect Sounds

Hill Sleepers