Visual art is a window to the heart of PatternBased. We live with nature and technology, and are inspired by the things around us, things far away, patterns we discover, intriguing numbers, perspectives, imaginations and collaborations. We attempt to make slices of the beauties of the world visible.

Multimedia Art

Data Viz

Apps / UX


Work and Collaborations

Visual Art

Combining traditional with new media and inspired by both the natural world and the rapidly advancing technologies that permeate our lives, we’ve worked on wide variety of mediums and foundations. Paintings, illustrations, coding, murals, sculptures, multimedia, space design (for exhibitions & events) and any combo one could imagine.

Data Visualization

Infographics, info-sculpture, and interactive data visualization. Working with numbers is a passion of PatternBased Art. Expressing data effectively can show us different angles to understand our world, and data visualization is a way to make the numbers a story. We always have data visualization projects on-going, and are always looking for opportunities to collaborate with talented researchers for meaningful projects. For examples, see our Data Visualization page.