Puffy Shapes

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Our newest artist, Puffy Shapes will be responsible for a steady stream of singles for a while. We hope you enjoy her work.

Nomadic Mode is Complete

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After over seven months of traveling the continent and working with a wide array of fantastic artists and musicians, I have settled for an extended stay in San Francisco. It feels good to have a home again. I am excited to finish and release the material I collaborated on the during my travels. Thank you to all the amazing hosts and creatives I was able to connect with over the trip. I am utterly grateful. I will be publishing vignettes on the people, places and things I encountered on the road at my personal site. – jm

Nomadic Mode is Go

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Creative collaboration has always been a huge part of my (and therefore Patternbased’s) heart and soul. To that end, I am gearing up for a trip around the states working with artists who I greatly admire with the intention of creation. This would most often involve music but a collaboration could be anything from a conversation to a recording session to a musical/AV jam to a mixed media endeavor. Current plans include hitting the road from Los Angeles in mid July and making stops in Encinitas, San Diego, Juarez, Austin, Nashville, Asheville, Lancaster, Philadelphia, Washington DC, NYC, Pittsburgh, Akron, Cleveland, Columbus, Chicago, Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Ogden and Logan before making my home in San Francisco in early 2014. If you live in or near these locations and are interested in getting together, drop me a line. I will be bringing a mobile recording rig, a variety of instruments, some video and visual goodies and endless creativity. I am especially down for pursuits involving music, film/video, dance/movement, 3D, creative coding, sensors/robotics, drawing/painting and mixing media. Lets make something together. Feel free to check in on the trip at my personal site. – jm

Autonomous Video Hut

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The Autonomous Video Hut at the 2013 Lucidity Festival in Santa Barbara was a solar powered structure and a series of interactive video art installations headed by Ethan Turpin and Alan Macy. Part of the intent was to create a cycle where the day’s sunlight is collected and the energy is beamed back out at night in the form of video art. Kyle Ruddick and I developed a piece for the system using Kinect, Ryan Challinor’s Synapse, Quartz Composer and Ableton Live. It was a powerful feeling watching people interact with and add to the piece.

The hut also featured various combinations of video feedback and primitive objects such as a large triangular kaleidoscope and colored lights which often combined to create stunning results. One of the most interesting pieces was Ethan’s Video Feedbackteria, where video feedback combined with a moire pattern caused by the intersecting planes of the video camera and projector creating a beautiful swirling piece that people could ‘paint’ on with illuminated objects and light sources (cell phones worked really well) and erase the image by blocking the projection and selectively stopping the feedback. When left alone, the feedback would resemble cell growth and patterns found in nature. More on Video Feedbackteria here.

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Blood Brother

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I was finally able to see the feature documentary Blood Brother, a film that uses several pieces from my album, Sounds for a Photograph and Low in the Sky’s album William. The movie had just taken the top honors at Sundance, glowing reviews abounded and while I tried not to, I went in with high expectations. They were met. Blood Brother is a beautiful film about love. The best film about love I can think of. I am still processing it. After the film, I was lucky enough to hang out with Danny and Steve, the producer and director.. good people who dedicated several years of their lives to the film. It was a great honor and I will never forget it.

Regarding the music and sound of the film: Composer Keith Kenniff’s always gorgeous work drives and punctuates many key moments. Danny Bracken, A.J Hochholter and Wytold also contributed great pieces to the film and everything was expertly placed and used effectively. Defacto Sound pulled everything together nicely on the sfx and mix.

Thank you to my good friend Charlie Wagers for pointing Danny to my work. I am grateful to have been able to contribute to something so beautiful. Good people. – jm

Come Down Now

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Come Down Now is an ambient album by Joseph Minadeo. This is music for daydreaming and afternoon naps beneath blue skies. For girls and rabbits and quiet days under trees. Available to listen below or at Bandcamp.