Giving Thanks

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For all the creative people and talented artists I have ever had the privilege to know and work with, the people that unknowingly helped determine the path I took to get to where I am and contribute to the projects I held/hold dear:

Kris Grubbs, Brian Brady, Ben Furguson, Dan Lamorena, Doug Bjornholm, Mike Burgess, Dom Bangera, Neil Sherhag, Jack Randall, Krista Tortora, Brett Lashua, Ed Van Der Kuil, Christopher Holmok, Dave Sterle, Alison Scola, Dave Braun, Derek Lashua, Mandy Lashua, Ron Tucker, David Graves, Kevin Carr, Teresa Kiplinger, Nessim Higson, Dan Segan, Chris Schuerger, Aaron Leslie, Pat McNulty, Correy Farrow, Matt Horak, Christopher Gator, Chaka Clemmons, Curt Brown, Billy Dixon, Adam Berk, Flanvis Johnson, Iyan Anomolie, Matt Yarrington, Andy Whitaker, Beth Ciborek, Jeremy Bible, Gabriela Kropf, Kendra Minadeo.

Joseph Minadeo

Author Joseph Minadeo

Joseph Minadeo is a composer and futurist living in the Mojave Desert and exploring idioms, themes and extremes as they relate to creativity and the creative’s environment. Currently focused on music, visuals and the mechanical in highly synchronized environments through solo as well as collaborative efforts with close friends. Also, operating the creative entity Can be contacted there.

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