Music is the nucleus of PatternBased. Other forms always relate back to the tones and beats and harmonies we uncover. Traditional styles and rigid genre-ing are rarely a consideration. The music is most often functional.. for creating a specific mood/notion or for inspiring movement and stillness. Use the links below to explore PatternBased’s music in three ways: Listen to releases as albums, search the PatternBased catalog with our search tool or enjoy some carefully curated playlists.


Akron Ohio electronic trio Low in the Sky, Los Angeles groups Insect Sounds and Hill Sleepers as well as film scores and an ever expanding catalog of cuts experimental to commercial and ambient to rhythm-heavy, albums and track groupings are our preferred format and BandCamp is, by far, our favorite service. Stream and support our digital releases there. Also at SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music and other common channels.

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Every PatternBased track is both fully license-able and infinitely changeable. With partners and clients from the United Nations, the Red Cross and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to PBS, MTV and Microsoft. From fashion up to activism. From start-ups to the Fortune 500 and from film and television to video games to interactive art installations. PatternBased has provided the sound for some of the biggest and most forward thinking entities and brands in the world. Use our search tool to find the right track for your project and feel free to drop us a line about your latest project’s music and sound needs.


Enjoy some carefully curated PatternBased playlists. Whether you are looking to get moving to some twangy bangers, relax to some sleepy-time ambient or hear a selection of commercial cuts both unique and modern, we have you covered.

Last Chance U

Watch on Netflix

Work and Collaborations


Netflix – Cheer

The Well Tempered Machine


This Is What I Hear

Come Home Safely

Singapore Reimagined

Netflix – Last Chance U S3


Living with Cancer

Netflix – Last Chance U Season 2

One Day in the American City


Insect Sounds

Echo Lake Soundtrack

Salt Flats

Blood Brother

Transworld Snowboarding

I’ll Be Fine Soundtrack


Come Down Now

One Day on Earth Score

Low in the Sky – William

Low in the Sky – A Shared Rainbow

Sounds for a Photograph

Fair At Dusk

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Protected: PatternBased Private SLX