Out with the Old, In with the New

By January 20, 2009 Uncategorized

The rework of patternbased.com started in late October with plans to post it live on January 20th. A low key yet personally symbolic rebirth kinda thing. However, because I had liked the state it was in mid November, I decided to just post it and let it sit though I wasn’t prepared to update it much until late January.

I am considering this post the official rebirth of my music/art and Patternbased. For the last many years, I have held a grueling job at fast paced and growing technology company that I somewhat fell into. It is a great job at a small company in my hometown of Akron, Ohio with people that have always stood by me and I am certainly not going anywhere.. but the plan is to work smarter and more efficiently on both work and art so that they can co-exist happily and I can maintain a creative output that makes me feel satisfied.

So welcome to patternbased.com. Expect to see lots of updates with new works, ideas, sources of inspiration. Les Doodis.

Joseph Minadeo

Author Joseph Minadeo

Joseph Minadeo is a composer and futurist living in the Mojave Desert and exploring idioms, themes and extremes as they relate to creativity and the creative’s environment. Currently focused on music, visuals and the mechanical in highly synchronized environments through solo as well as collaborative efforts with close friends. Also, operating the creative entity PatternBased.com. Can be contacted there.

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