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September 2010

Give the Devs Credit

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I saw the slowed down Justin Bieber track in no less then a dozen places online when it first hit a month or so ago.. Twitter, email, Facebook etc and though the person who did the stretching often received credit for the idea, there was little to no mention of the software used. The software is the primary reason that the slowed track sounded as good as it did. Developers, gear designers and all the other people responsible for making the tools that artists then use to make new things often seem to get little credit when, in many cases, it is the tools doing much of the heavy lifting. Of course, this is not always the case. Les Paul and Bob Moog are household names (assuming the household is a musical one). But this IS one of those cases. Nasca Octavian is the person listed on the PaulStretch (the software used to slow down the Beiber track) page as having written the software. So here is to Nasca and all the other rad developers of the tools we sometimes take for granted. Where would the art be without yall.