Love Back Through the Wire

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over the last week or so, i have been trying to spend some time learning a new piece of music software. it has been somewhat frustrating because it is so different from what i am used to. i wanted to make up a quick project that would allow me to work on a bunch of tracks that are unrelated sonically and thus had me exploring different aspects of the software.

here it is: thanking the nice peeps who wished me a happy birthday electronically last thursday (fb, myspace, txt, twitter etc) with little pieces of music. bday diddies for each of you, yo. nothing is over 3 minutes. pardon any possible errant frequencies, uneven volumes, lack of endings etc.

01. b. lashua – kent street technique
this track would be 100x better with your drumming. i miss working on music with you but i am grateful for all the music we did together.

02. a. melling – star power
i tried to do something semi-dark and with a groove, a la fbk but it didn’t really turn out that way. i like it tho. thank you for believing in me and all your kind words over the years.

03. t. fleming – the hopeful machines of salt lake
those machine recordings you sent were amazing. whats the machine i used for this track do? it sounds awesome. i was trying to make something uplifting sounding on top of it instead of the obvious industrial route. thank you for taking the time to collect and send them. we gotta do some collaborating soon.

04. c.a. shim sham – bunny hop flim flam
thank you for all the collabs. i am your fan and am looking forward to more collective awesomeness. bunnies of the world unite.

05. p. mcnulty – poets practice warmups
well, i started with son clave. so that automagically makes it latin? sweet. thank you for being an amazing person and for your true friendship.

06. m. rangel – crossing ohio cold
this was an attempt at something shoegazery but it just went in its own direction. i hope you like it anyways. thank you for the birthday wishes.

07. j. sas –
thank you for always being so nice and thoughtful and for the birthday wishes. you get something that sounds in the spirit of the holloween to me. i was working on this track while handing out candy =)

08. j. rockwell – adventures of black
i could hear you spitting a gritty verse on this. is it within ettiquite to request a verse line? if so, ‘more ox than cannibal’. maybe something about hannibal for other half =). you are a good friend, thank you.

09. y. price – bass practice
i was trying to do something that was screaming for a bassline but couldn’t resist putting the bass in there.

10. s. cooper – contiguous gaming fields
you get the spy sounding stuff.

11. s. murray – trips
something to mellow out to perhaps.

12. k. minadeo – tracing a line of stars
thank you for being who you are.

13. m. kropf – frank lloyd discotech
something along the lines of one of the reoccurring  rhythms of  booty shaking loveliness often heard at the legendary kropf parties.

14. a. kim – late october pre dawn bus stop
i was sorta trying to capture the feeling of  the dark late fall early mornings that we had to catch the bus in.. not necessarily the part where i would jump out from behind a tree to scare the crap out of you. sorry about that.

15. c. o’brien – geauga lake view
something to dance around to perhaps.

16. c. schuerger – professional systems support
youtube provided some cheerleader yells, a police scanner provided some akron law enforcement action.. there is even a skinny puppy sample (that bed of noise that starts and ends the track) in there.

17. s. felix – floating bridge technique
somewhat built around the samples recorded from the bridge project.  i am looking forward to future collaboration.

18. a. scola – approved groove
i remember dancing around in the helio control room if we were listening to something (homemade or otherwise) with an approved groove. i can imagine your voice doing something along the lines of the lead synth line. twood be sick.

19. k. tortora – rheenso rabbit
all the rabbits of the world unite. rabbits are the best of friends. rabbits are filled with love. i am filled with love for all rabbits. i look forward to lifelong collabs with the truest of rabbits.

20. d. lashua – mew nork van ridezz
some kinda sad attempt at something heavy i guess. i wasn’t even using a real guitar amp and yet i still managed to come up with what sounds like shitty mic placement. needs a d-train guitar overhaul.. and a b-bomb drum overhaul for that matter.

21. b. jaykell – world coast
was trying to get something vacationy.. i was checking out your amazing vacation pics.

22. l. flate – i was thinking of revamping that track you and i did together but i think i lost the source files and it didn’t seem right to use anything old since everything else was a new creation. you get this instead.

23. s. bonvenuto – lullaby for lexi

24. m. minadeo – lullaby for leah

Woodland – Two Note Wonders

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A couple of tracks on an upcoming release on Infraction Records. The project is Woodland, the album is Two Note Wonders and the music is mellow.

[audio:pb13 – woodland – two note wonders/woodland – pb13 – summers ago.mp3] Woodland – Summers Ago

[audio:pb13 – woodland – two note wonders/woodland – pb13 – this time tomorrow.mp3] Woodland – This Time Tomorrow

Two Remixes

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A couple remixes. First is an older remix of a Infinite Number of Sounds track, Artificial Light. The other is a remix of Set in Sand’s In a Sense a Flowers track.

[audio:misc audio/infinite number of sounds – artificial light – patternbased remix.mp3]


[audio:misc audio/set in sand – patternbased – in a sense of a flowers and.mp3]


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Left: Gear arranged for creating a new live set. The first show is at Square Records in Highland Square on April 18th. I am using a Boss RC50 loop pedal to loop real time from guitar, bass, prophet 08, iPhone (, Nintendo DS, gameboy and some thrift store finds. The plan is to have a very rough map that I can sometimes follow and sometimes veer from. I will be playing at 2pm and 6pm and will likely have an interactive video system set up that people in the record store can mess with.

Right: The construction of a small three room recording studio in my basement to make the winters more enjoyable and hopefully get some one-off collabs going. I am not looking to start any long term projects at the moment but I would like to bring friends/collaborators in to work on a single track at a time. I think the space is going to be perfect. I am still looking for a pinball machine and a working electrified player piano. Hit me up if you know of anything.

Longing for Warm Summer Evenings

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Fair at Dusk from patternbased (joseph minadeo) on Vimeo.

This is my first (and so far, only) attempt at filming with Super 8. Having just recieved an eBay purchased Super 8 camera, I wanted to make sure it was in working condition so I loaded it with Kodak Vision 2 500t film and headed down to the Kenmore (South Akron) Summer Fair and shot the full cartridge. In the age of instant digital gratification, it was cool to have to send it away not knowing what was going to come back. I was pleased with the results. It had a nostalgic, almost sad quality. The colors came out vibrant and beautiful though mixing down from Final Cut and uploading to Vimeo certainly drops the quality signifigantly. I played some quick piano and organ that suited the mood of the film.

Out with the Old, In with the New

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The rework of started in late October with plans to post it live on January 20th. A low key yet personally symbolic rebirth kinda thing. However, because I had liked the state it was in mid November, I decided to just post it and let it sit though I wasn’t prepared to update it much until late January.

I am considering this post the official rebirth of my music/art and Patternbased. For the last many years, I have held a grueling job at fast paced and growing technology company that I somewhat fell into. It is a great job at a small company in my hometown of Akron, Ohio with people that have always stood by me and I am certainly not going anywhere.. but the plan is to work smarter and more efficiently on both work and art so that they can co-exist happily and I can maintain a creative output that makes me feel satisfied.

So welcome to Expect to see lots of updates with new works, ideas, sources of inspiration. Les Doodis.

C. Farrow Double Feature

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I am happy to be hosting a couple albums from friend and frequent collaborator, Corey Farrow. Baloo is some of his solo work that varies from track to track in both style and mood. He also produced the latest Honeypot album which also features two of Akron’s finest emcees, Chaka and Gator. You can download these albums here.

Dark Fire

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This is officially the first time my gear lust has latched on to a guitar. I guess that what happens when you fill something with tons of electronics. The fact that you can record every string as an independant signal sounds amazing. Do want. Hope I get a nice xmas bonus.

Giving Thanks

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For all the creative people and talented artists I have ever had the privilege to know and work with, the people that unknowingly helped determine the path I took to get to where I am and contribute to the projects I held/hold dear:

Kris Grubbs, Brian Brady, Ben Furguson, Dan Lamorena, Doug Bjornholm, Mike Burgess, Dom Bangera, Neil Sherhag, Jack Randall, Krista Tortora, Brett Lashua, Ed Van Der Kuil, Christopher Holmok, Dave Sterle, Alison Scola, Dave Braun, Derek Lashua, Mandy Lashua, Ron Tucker, David Graves, Kevin Carr, Teresa Kiplinger, Nessim Higson, Dan Segan, Chris Schuerger, Aaron Leslie, Pat McNulty, Correy Farrow, Matt Horak, Christopher Gator, Chaka Clemmons, Curt Brown, Billy Dixon, Adam Berk, Flanvis Johnson, Iyan Anomolie, Matt Yarrington, Andy Whitaker, Beth Ciborek, Jeremy Bible, Gabriela Kropf, Kendra Minadeo.

Set in Sand

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Sometimes a piece of art is so inspiring, you want to get inside of it. If its audio, one way to attempt to crawl in is to remix it. If your lucky enough to know the artists, you can hound them for the raw files. My friends Set in Sand had a track that inspired the hell out of me. I am still spending time inside deciding what to do with it but I also love the point it is at. I received 108 raw tracks from them and when I lined them up, it was already pretty beautiful as is. Just some absolute minimal tweaking followed by my good friend Krista and I singing harmonies over the original lyrics and several tracks of Piano. I like the state that it is in now because the original track is made of heavily edited, sliced and meticulously placed audio and our parts were laid down as long raw parts with no editing and the juxtaposition is nice. I plan on doing acoustic drums but they will certainly get editing as I feel am not a good enough drummer to play something fitting for this track by simply beating on drums. I need Mr. Computer’s help sometimes. Below is the track.

[audio:misc audio/set in sand – flowers – patternbased remix.mp3]

Gameboy Music

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The undisputed co-kings of Gameboy music software are Nanoloop and LSDJ. Nanoloop is indeed awesome and I have never messed with LSDJ. They can be pricey and harder to come by then the Gameboy Camera which has a built in music sequencer that is really cool and useful. Plus you can take really fuzzy pictures and print them on a Gameboy printer. Below is a track I did last year starting off with a Gameboy loop and adding acoustic instruments and analog synths.

[audio:misc audio/patternbased – gameboy1.mp3]