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Creative collaboration has always been a huge part of my (and therefore Patternbased’s) heart and soul. To that end, I am gearing up for a trip around the states working with artists who I greatly admire with the intention of creation. This would most often involve music but a collaboration could be anything from a conversation to a recording session to a musical/AV jam to a mixed media endeavor. Current plans include hitting the road from Los Angeles in mid July and making stops in Encinitas, San Diego, Juarez, Austin, Nashville, Asheville, Lancaster, Philadelphia, Washington DC, NYC, Pittsburgh, Akron, Cleveland, Columbus, Chicago, Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Ogden and Logan before making my home in San Francisco in early 2014. If you live in or near these locations and are interested in getting together, drop me a line. I will be bringing a mobile recording rig, a variety of instruments, some video and visual goodies and endless creativity. I am especially down for pursuits involving music, film/video, dance/movement, 3D, creative coding, sensors/robotics, drawing/painting and mixing media. Lets make something together. Feel free to check in on the trip at my personal site. – jm

Joseph Minadeo

Author Joseph Minadeo

Joseph Minadeo is a composer and futurist living in the Mojave Desert and exploring idioms, themes and extremes as they relate to creativity and the creative’s environment. Currently focused on music, visuals and the mechanical in highly synchronized environments through solo as well as collaborative efforts with close friends. Also, operating the creative entity Can be contacted there.

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  • hey Joe. Am glad to see you will be going around, sounds like an exciting time.

    When you’re in Cleveland, I would like to make a very big painting while you make music- under a bridge, or on a wall, or on your van, or some such thing. Interested?

    (216) 904-0358

  • admin says:

    Melinda, great to hear from you! Yes yes yes! This sounds like an incredible idea and I would absolutely love to collaborate with you. Lets plan on it. I will be in Cleveland in October. I am very excited about this.

  • helloitsquokka says:

    This makes me happy. Throw some paint/beats down for me. 🙂


  • Jason Kraley says:

    hey Joe! looking forward to meeting for the first time and getting creatively insane in person! (Philly) we’ve worked together since 2000, and have yet to meet! see you in sept/oct! -jason kraley (aka Still Inertia)

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