One Day on Earth – United Nations Screening

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Scoring the feature film One Day on Earth was a wonderful experience that culminated with a screening on April 22nd, 2012 at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City. The film also played in over 160 countries around the world that day, breaking records. The movie turned out beautiful and it was an honor to be part of it. I am most grateful for the many good folks I met while working on this project. It is a thought provoking film and very much worth a look-see. View Trailers after the break. – jm

Joseph Minadeo

Author Joseph Minadeo

Joseph Minadeo is a composer and futurist living in the Mojave Desert and exploring idioms, themes and extremes as they relate to creativity and the creative’s environment. Currently focused on music, visuals and the mechanical in highly synchronized environments through solo as well as collaborative efforts with close friends. Also, operating the creative entity Can be contacted there.

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