Toy vs ?

By November 17, 2008 Uncategorized

I have occasionally come across people referring to musical and sound generating devices as toys, sometimes in a negative way. I never understood the distinction. Either it generates some kind of sound or it doesn’t. If it does, than it is infinitely useful as a sonic building block.

With the availability of endless amounts of sound shaping tools, what someone might consider a toy becomes the basis for something really creative and unique. Obviously, not everyone makes the distinction or a least not in a negative way. Some circuit benders and chip tune artists live and die by what other people call toys. A lot of software is considered a toy if it is too simplistic or not full featured enough. Fruity loops has been called a toy. Reason as well. My friend Corey used Reason exclusively to create hundreds of beats superior to 99% of whats out there by my standards. There are no toys, only possibilities.

Joseph Minadeo

Author Joseph Minadeo

Joseph Minadeo is a composer and futurist living in the Mojave Desert and exploring idioms, themes and extremes as they relate to creativity and the creative’s environment. Currently focused on music, visuals and the mechanical in highly synchronized environments through solo as well as collaborative efforts with close friends. Also, operating the creative entity Can be contacted there.

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